What Ceramic Artists Can Do with Our Water-Slide Decals

MORE-DecalPicWhether you are creating a custom hand-made ceramic tile, a sculpture or a mug, decals help you take a more active role in the design process. You can come up with your own images that instantly enhance your ceramic products. Keep reading to learn more about these decals and what you can do with them.

Design Your Own Dinnerware

Ceramic plates, bowls, and mugs are beautiful and durable additions to your kitchenware. Choose from a variety of colors to find a set that compliments the rest of your kitchen décor, then add light-colored glazed ware, such as Bright White, Celadon, Champagne or Cream items to receive your decals to personalize your dinnerware even more. Test a smaller item to make sure that your glazed ware can withstand the additional firing for the decals before applying to larger, more expensive pieces.

Give the Perfect Gift

If you want to give someone special a personalized gift, adding decals to ceramic products is a great way to do it. Whether you design a decal for a tea set for your mother or an interesting mosaic out of ceramic tile for your girlfriend, these decals allow you to incorporate a little part of yourself when you give a gift. You are not limited to photographs – we can print your decals from your own art, or a child’s. Simply scan the item to create a digital file. Refer to our FAQ Page for file requirements.

Customize Your Hand-Made, Glazed Artwork

You can even add ceramic details to sculptures, which helps you personalize the artwork that you display in your home. With the right detail, you can incorporate a new level of style and design to any decorative feature in your home. You can even use these decals to create a connective thread between the various elements of your interior design.

At Sun Styles Tile Craft, you can order custom ceramic tiles and enhance them with these special decals. Whether you are giving a gift to someone else or you want to add something special to your own interior design, we can help. Our tile designs are beautiful and unique enough to meet your every need. To learn more about our products, answer your kiln firing questions, or to place an order, visit us online or call 520-505-TILE (8453)