Creating a Memorial Plaque

Military MemorialCreating a memorial plaque helps survivors come to terms with the loss of a loved one and find the perfect way to remember their lives. Keep reading to get some tips on creating a touching memorial plaque with which to honor your loved ones:

Decide on a Shape

You can create a rectangular or an oval memorial plaque to suit your needs. Think about the kind of gravestone you have chosen for your loved one and decide whether a rectangular or an oval plaque will look the best with it. When the plaques are made out of a material like porcelain, they can be used for memorials that are indoors or outdoors.

Decide on a Picture

To honor the deceased, carefully choose a photograph for their Memorial Plaque from a time in their Life that they cherished most: Graduation, Military Service, Wedding, Parenthood, Award Ceremony, or other Event.  Make sure the picture will fit well with the shape of the plaque you have chosen so it creates a balanced and aesthetically appealing final product.

Decide on Text

It is easy to add text to your Memorial Plaque for an even more personal touch. Some examples are: Date, Location where the photograph was taken, a Favorite Poem or Movie Quote.  Sun Styles will work with you to determine text size and placement on your Memorial in conjunction with the photograph you have chosen.

Sun Styles Tile Craft is here to create custom printed porcelain memorial plaques to help you say goodbye to your loved ones. We can create rectangular or oval memorials that can be placed outdoors or inside. To learn more about our services or to start creating your memorial plaque today, visit us online or call 520-505-TILE (8453).