Creating a Tile Photo Wall

homeslider-img7Cater to the interior designer within by using your own pictures as art for your home. You can use your photographs to decorate your home with a unique aesthetic appeal that no one else will have. If you want to find a new way to display your photos to optimize your interior design, use the following tips to create a photo wall.

Find Your Sizes

When you are creating a tile wall, you can either choose to order tiles in the same sizes or incorporate a few different sizes to get an even more interesting aesthetic effect for your space. Decide where you want to put the photo wall. Before you order your custom ceramic tiles, you might want to hang up a few different frames to help you decide what size tiles you should get.

Choose the Shots

The pictures you choose will completely affect the final appeal of your photo wall. Spend some time going through your pictures and set aside the ones that you want to transform into tiles. Start off with just a few and once you find the perfect placement for your new tiles, you can gradually add onto the photo wall as you get new pictures.

Decide on Your Configuration

After you get the pictures printed onto tiles, it is time to start playing around with different configurations. Hang up the pictures in a few different ways until you find the perfect arrangement. Whether or not you have frames on the tiles, it is important to experiment with a few different placements so you can get the optimal aesthetic appeal from your design.

With the help of Sun Styles Tile Craft, you can be well on your way to creating your beautiful and unique photo wall. We can print any kind of photo onto tile to help you find a new way to decorate your home. To learn more about our custom ceramic tile services, visit us online or call (520) 505 TILE (8453).