Uses for Decorative Tile in the Backyard or Patio

178963851Custom tile art isn’t just for use inside—these beautiful and personalized tiles can also be brought outside for many patio and backyard applications. Tile is durable enough to withstand weather and heavy traffic, making it an ideal material to use for many outdoor decorative purposes.

Tiled Fireplace

Tiling your outdoor fireplace will enhance the look of this beautiful and functional outdoor feature, tying it in with the rest of your patio’s décor. Customized tiles allow you to add the perfect touch to your fireplace, whether you simply want to add color or would like to turn the hearth into a unique work of art.

Tiled Patio

Patios are no longer simple slabs of rock or concrete. Today, many homeowners choose to create patios that really shine with decorative tile elements that add style and color underfoot. Tiles can be placed intermittently to create an appealing and symmetric pattern, or used to create larger works of art, such as decorative mosaics and murals.

Tiled Fountain

Does your yard incorporate a fountain or other water feature? Customized tile can provide a beautiful backdrop for any size and style of water feature in your yard. You can tailor the type of tile you use to match your exact stylistic tastes to create a fountain with Old World charm or modern, clean lines.

Tiled Pool

Adding custom tile to your pool is a wonderful way to create a coherent and stylish look in your backyard. Ceramic tiles are durable, easy to clean, and will turn your pool into a customized work of art. Use tiles as a decorative border for your pool, or create a large-scale mosaic that will shimmer through the water each time you step up to swim.

Ceramic tiles can help you create a customized, comfortable, and stylish backyard. Contact Sun Styles Tiles today by phone or visit us on the web to learn more about custom ceramic tiles and memorials.