Do Your Bronze Signs Keep Getting Stolen? Try Ceramic!

DSCF9068Metal theft has become a growing problem in recent years. Because of its high value on the resale market, thieves often target bronze plaques and signs, which can be easy to remove but expensive to replace. New faux bronze ceramic tiles now give you the option to replace bronze plaques and signs at a fraction of the cost with a material that offers the look of bronze, but won’t hold any appeal for future metal thieves.

The Development of Faux Bronze Ceramics

Faux bronze ceramic tiles were developed as a response to the growing number of bronze thefts. Bronze plaques are often targeted for theft, as they are easy to remove and contain a large amount of bronze, which can be sold for a significant profit. To combat these thieves, ceramics dealers have developed faux bronze ceramics, which can be used to mimic the look of bronze plaques and signs without containing any metal. Thus, these signs are not appealing to thieves, offering the look you want without the vulnerability of a true bronze plaque.

Benefits for Faux Bronze Ceramics

A faux bronze ceramic plaque is a wise choice, particularly if you’re concerned about bronze theft. These ceramic tiles can be manufactured to look like bronze or any other metal you desire, but only cost a fraction of the price of a metal plaque. Because ceramic is more cost-effective, you can opt for larger signs at lower initial cost that are also more easily replaced if stolen or broken. Additionally, faux ceramic plaques are also resistant to staining and graffiti, easy to clean, and lighter and easier to mount than metal plaques.

If you are tired of replacing bronze plaques or concerned about metal thieves targeting your property, Sun Styles Tile can create faux bronze ceramic tiles customized for any need. You can find out more about our faux bronze and other custom ceramic and memorial tiles when you visit us on the web, or by calling (520) 505-TILE (8453).