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How Do I Design my Decal Sheet

We recommend designing your decal sheet with Adobe Photoshop or similar software. ** We do not accept Word Processing Files (MS Word, Lotus WordPro, etc.) The printable area of the paper is 8 in. x 10.5 in. Try and fit as many images as possible onto your canvas in order to get the most value per page. High […]

What is flux?

The flux we use, is basically ground frit, or “glass”, that when fired, melts at firing temperatures, encapsulating the pigments in the printed decal, providing a glossy, protective coating that fuses with the glaze of the product being decorated.

What is covercoat?

Covercoat is a laquer based product that is either screened, sprayed, or laminated on top of a print that is used to maintain the image integrity during the transfer and firing process. It holds all the colors in the print in position while applying the decal.

Where can I use Waterslide Decals?

Glazed ceramic ware  fired from Cone 06-10 work well. Testing our decals on your glaze at a variety of temperatures is recommended. **Consider creating some glazed tiles to practice with the decals before applying to a sculptured piece that took you days to create.