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What type files should I send?

For best results please provide image files of .tiff or .jpg at 400 dpi or higher. If you are unable to provide a high resolution image file, we will create your product as-is with the file/photo that you send. Please note that the quality of the finished product will only be as good as the image you […]

Can I order more than one product with the same photograph?

 Yes.  If you want more than one product with the same picture, we suggest you order these at the same time as these variations in color are less apparent when produced in the same batch run. Our products are kiln fired to over 1500 degrees, using our digital ceramic printing process and CMYK inorganic pigments to translate your artwork. This will result […]

Is it possible to place a Rush Order?

Yes it is! We are the manufacturer and not just a dealer like most of the others selling ceramic photo memorials. We have complete control of the process and can rush an order and guarantee a delivery date. Give us a call for help.

How long will it take to fill my order?

Typically, it takes about 2 weeks from the time we receive your order and art file, unless you request a proof from alterations to the photo. Note: Murals require additional time.

Can you make the picture fit my selected size?

Yes, we have a great art team with the latest software to resize and reshape your photo as needed. **Indemnification: Sun Styles accepts no burden of proof in regards to your art/photographs. We assume that the art files provided by you are copyright and royalty free or that you have secured the rights to the […]

Can you fix scratches, waterspots, erase the background, etc. from my photograph?

Yes, our talented staff can do anything from removing a simple scratch to complely reconstructing any photo. Some of the more common photo fixes include: replacing backgrounds, deleting other people from the photo, removing scratches and fixing colors (including converting color to black and white or sepia). Email us the photo and we can give […]

Will I get my photograph back?

Yes, we send the original back to you with your order. If the picture you want us to use is an original, irreplaceable print, we highly recommend that you have it scanned locally and send us the file. This eliminates the possibility, however slight, that it could be lost or damaged in transit. If you […]