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How do I determine what size plaque I should order for the Headstone?

Please measure the available area on the Headstone before ordering – do not ‘guess’ at the size. If you will be grinding a depression to fit the photo plaque, it is best to use the plaque to create the dimensions as sizes will vary slightly. Note: Since the¬†plaque and the¬†Headstone or Monument are of different […]

Are Ceramic Memorial Photos sometimes called by other names?

Ceramic Grave Marker Pictures are popular additions to grave markers of all types and are known by a number of different names. Whether you are referring to cemetery pictures, headstone pictures, tombstone photos, grave marker pictures, memorial pictures, cemetery photos, or just ceramic pictures, it is the exact same memorial product.

Is there any guarantee on the memorial pictures?

Yes. Memorials are guaranteed for the life of the buyer against fading and cracking. They will arrive to you unbroken and without surface defects or they will be replaced as an expedited order without cost to you.

Installation of Your Ceramic Memorial

Your ceramic memorial should be installed on a smooth, polished surface for proper bonding. It is important that the temperature be above 60 degrees and that the area be dry where you are installing the memorial. You will need the following supplies: rubbing alcohol, paper towels, a pencil, measuring tape, and clear caulk. Before you […]