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Will my picture tiles or memorial images last forever?

Sun Styles uses a digital ceramic printing process to create custom ceramics and porcelain products. Unlike other custom digital print processes our products withstand the harshest weather, rain or shine, without damage or deterioration. We fire our products over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit (815 C). The colors will never fade nor exposure to extreme temperature. Your photo […]

What size tiles can I order?

Sun Styles uses standard commercially made white ceramic tile in creating your photo tiles and murals. The quality conforms to building industry standards and sizes. Sun Styles offers several sizes of photo tile. Although we may describe the sizes with easy dimensions, their actual sizes vary a bit. Here’s a Table for your reference: EASY […]

I’ve heard of a process called “dye sublimation” – is this how the tiles are made?

We do not use dye sublimation to create your individual tiles and tile murals. You may have seen custom tiles, mugs, or plates printed with photos that are manufactured with a process called dye sublimation – where dye pigments are heated sufficiently to fuse with a polymer (plastic) coating on the ceramic surface. Products made this way will […]

Are these tiles suitable for outdoor installations?

Yes, Our kiln-fired tiles are the ONLY tiles we recommend for outdoor installations with exposure to direct sunlight. These amazing tiles are manufactured using ceramic powders which are composed of naturally occurring minerals and are guaranteed to never fade for 1000 years.

Will you work with my builder or interior designer?

Absolutely, we welcome all questions regarding custom installations and/or creative projects. Our staff works with interior designers, architects, builders and general contractors throughout the mural project. We love working with other industry professionals. Please contact us to discuss any installation related issues. We pride ourselves on timely communication and will gladly address any concerns.

Tips on Installing your Tile

The tiles can be installed with the same techniques as all tiles. The adhesive of choice will depend on where the mural is to be installed. Counter-tops, flooring, backsplash, shower, swimming pool & outdoor installations all have commercially available adhesives available. We recommend using a sand-free grout when installing tiles. The color of the grout is a personal choice.

Do you install the tiles?

No. We ship our tile murals all over the country and do not offer installation services. If you are handy, you can install the tiles yourself-if you are not, you can hire a local tile installer to help you. We are happy to answer any questions that the installer may have. We send the murals to you with the […]

What is the difference between a Memorial and a Tile?

A Memorial is porcelain with beveled edges. Due to its dense nature, porcelain has a very low water absorption rate; making it resistant to freezing temperatures, and well-suited for exterior use. A Tile is typically ceramic with squared/flat edges.  Ceramic is usually not durable enough for exterior use because it absorbs too much water. If […]

How do I install the 5 1/2″ TILE HANGER?

First clean the back of the tile, (…even if the tile is new, as surface contamination may inhibit adhesion). Wet the adhesive side of the disc and slowly agitate with your finger to activate the glue. When the glue becomes “tacky” apply the disc to the back of the tile (ensure the hook is in […]