How Do I Design my Decal Sheet

We recommend designing your decal sheet with Adobe Photoshop or similar software.
** We do not accept Word Processing Files (MS Word, Lotus WordPro, etc.)
The printable area of the paper is 8 in. x 10.5 in. Try and fit as many images as possible onto your canvas in order to get the most value per page. High contrast images over 400dpi (dots per inch) are recommended for best results.

Design Assistance
We encourage you to send Print Ready files, but we can help you design your decal sheet, if you are having trouble. Add one Art Fee ($25) to your Shopping cart for each different sheet you order (no need to add an additional fee for multiples of the same design). The Art Fee Item can be found on both the Tiles and the Memorials pages of this site. We reproduce equal to the quality of file you send. So use the best quality imagery you can for the best quality translation possible. We are “printing” with inorganic pigments not ink. So embrace the permanency and the great detail and realize there could be a shift of color in out of gamut hues.

Color Translation
As artists, we use our expertise to translate your artwork within our digital ceramic printing process using CMYK inorganic pigments. Bright Reds will translate to more of a ‘Brick Red’, and very saturated florescent colors are out of gamut, so these will translate to less brilliant colors. Since there is no White, that color will come from the substrate you are firing onto. To produce the most True colors, a white glaze or clear glaze over a light clay is recommended. Decals over glazes other than white will also produce interesting results. As with all items produced in ‘batches’ or ‘runs’, variations will occur from printing to printing. If you require multiple sheets of the same design(s), it is recommended that you order all at the same time, if possible.