Installation of Your Ceramic Memorial

Your ceramic memorial should be installed on a smooth, polished surface for proper bonding. It is important that the temperature be above 60 degrees and that the area be dry where you are installing the memorial. You will need the following supplies: rubbing alcohol, paper towels, a pencil, measuring tape, and clear caulk. Before you begin installation, hold the picture where you intend to install it. Be sure you like the location. Moving the picture once it has been installed can be very difficult.

Use these steps to install your ceramic memorial:
1. Use the alcohol and paper towel to clean the area where you intend to place the picture.
2. Use a measuring tape and pencil to mark the center point of the spot where you intend to install the memorial.
3. Measure the width and height of the memorial.
4. Divide the width and height in half.
5. From the center point marked, use the divided width and height dimensions to mark the exact location where the memorial will be installed.
6. Place the memorial in the spot you have marked to be sure your markings are exact.
7. Remove the protective covering from the tape on the back of the memorial.
8. Line the picture up with your markings, and firmly press it to the surface. Hold it very firmly for a minute, and your picture is installed.

Optional: Run a bead of clear caulk around the outer edge of the memorial.