Our Production Process

Our Production Process Follows These Steps:

Step 1: Place your Order
Step 2: Upload your Art – State whether you will need to see a Proof for your product
Step 3: We will review your art – we will provide a Proof to you, if you requested one
Step 4: If you requested a Proof, you will send an eMail stating your Approval or Changes
Step 5: Once we have received your Proof Approval we will proceed to Production
(or if no Proof was requested, we will proceed directly to Production)
Step 6: We will Ship your Product to the address you provided.

A full refund can be issued after receiving an eMail notification of your Request to Cancel at Step 2
A refund of the cost of your Product minus any art fees can be issued at Step 4
Once we have received your Proof Approval, no Refunds will be issued (Steps 5 & 6)