What size tiles can I order?

Sun Styles uses standard commercially made white ceramic tile in creating your photo tiles and murals. The quality conforms to building industry standards and sizes. Sun Styles offers several sizes of photo tile. Although we may describe the sizes with easy dimensions, their actual sizes vary a bit.
Here’s a Table for your reference:

-in- -in- -cm-
4 inch tile 4.25 × 4.25 4.33 × 4.33 11 × 11
6 inch tile 6 × 6 6.06 × 6.06 15.24 × 15.24
8 inch tile 8 x 8 7.81× 7.81 19.84 x 19.84
8 x 10 inch tile 8 × 10 7.81 x 9.81 19.81 x 24.92
12 inch tile 12 x 12 11.8 × 11.8 29.97 × 29.97

We can span one design over multiple tiles, creating a stunning large-scale installation indoors or outdoors.

Interested in a mural or mosaic for your bathroom, kitchen, wall, or outdoor space? We will work with you to create a truly unique display. Speak with our customer service team to decide on an overall mural size and tile arrangement. Our art team will then use your images and design requests to create a mural art proof. All mural shipments come with a simple grid sheet to make arranging the individual tiles easy, and all tiles are labeled according to their placement in the grid. Photo tile murals are a great way to showcase artwork, personal photos, promotional materials and more.