Five Ways To Class Up a Restaurant

iStock_000005253531XSmallAre you looking to cultivate a luxurious, high-class atmosphere in your dining establishment? Creating a luxurious restaurant begins with adding artistic details and features that enhance the dining experience. Keep reading to discover how to use custom ceramic tiles and other simple solutions to utterly transform the feel of your business.

Add a Fountain

Fountains are often associated with luxury and class. Water features also provide the soothing sound of running water, helping patrons to relax as they enjoy their meals. If you don’t have room for a freestanding fountain, consider adding a wall-mounted fountain with a tile background to achieve the same effect in a smaller space.

Use Rugs

Lush Oriental rugs contrast nicely with hard flooring, offering a plush welcome to those who step inside your restaurant. You can add Oriental rugs near your doorways or place tables on individual rugs to model your dining room after a more private space for meals.

Focus on Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the atmosphere of any room. Dimming your lights creates a more intimate dining experience, but be sure to keep the lights high enough for customers and waiters to see comfortably. The light fixtures you choose will also affect the ambiance of your restaurant—chandeliers or other detailed fixtures can offer the high-class look you want.

Hang Artwork

Art adds color and style to your restaurant’s interior design. Tile artwork is a unique way to create appealing gallery walls or incorporate more modern, colorful images into your dining area. Furthermore, tile artwork won’t fade with time and is easy to keep clean despite spills or splashes.

Decorate Your Mantel

If your restaurant includes a fireplace, decorating the mantel can lend this feature a cozy, personalized look. Add photos, candlesticks, or metallic and glass accents to your mantel to mimic the look of stately manors and castles.

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