The Importance of Using a Good Picture When Creating Your Commemorative Tiles


Kiln-fired tiles are a wonderful way to memorialize the special people, pets, and events in your life.
At Sun Styles Tile, we can create a custom memorial, fireplace mantle mural, garden plaque – and many more products – from your images.
While we can create your product from any image you provide, a good image from the start will greatly improve your final result.
Understanding how image quality affects the outcome of your custom ceramic tile will help you make the best choice possible when bringing us an image to memorialize.

Image Quality
During the creation of a custom ceramic tile, the original image you provide is transferred onto a tile via a digital printing process.
Thus, the key to a beautiful custom tile is beginning the process with a high-quality image.
The best results can be obtained using an image with 400 DPI or better.
DPI is a term that refers to “dots per inch,” which determines how many dots of ink are used per inch when recreating the image on tile. The higher an image’s DPI, the sharper its quality. You can check the DPI of any digital image before submitting it using your photo-editing program, or right-click the file and check under Properties then the Details tab.

To help us to create a high-quality image:
Do NOT send pictures printed on  inkjet or laser printers – these methods use dots to create the print, which will show up on your tile – this includes photographs printed at ‘Drugstore’ photo labs
· Try not to use a picture of the Subject smaller than 2” x 2” (meaning, if the subject is part of a larger photo, you will see the best results if the area to be used to create your tile is at least 2” wide & high)
· Please remember, a copy may look good to you, but our professional equipment sees things that the human eye cannot. Low resolution submissions drastically reduce the quality of the finished product.
Scanning an older, perhaps lower resolution photograph at a High Resolution does not create a crisp photo file.

Image Subject
Photographing your loved ones and the special events throughout your life are a wonderful way to create cherished memories you will enjoy for a lifetime. This will provide you with a wide variety of subject material to choose from when creating a memorial. Having photos of loved ones and pets while they are healthy and happy can help you create a tile memorial that will capture their essence at its best.

Porcelain Portraits are an excellent way to preserve an image for generations to come without worrying about fading or damage from water or other factors.

If you have questions about creating a custom tile, memorial or other product from any image, contact Sun Styles Tile today by calling 520-505-TILE (8453 )or clicking on our web contact form.