Did You Know We Offer Ceramic Waterslide Decals?

DSCF9396A decal is a design or photo that is first printed onto a special type of paper, then transferred to the surface of your choice, such as a ceramic tile. Ceramic waterslide decals are a wonderful way to add personality to your home or business. Sun Styles Tile is pleased to offer customized ceramic waterslide decals printed to order—whether you need one decal or many, we offer our decals with no minimum order.

What Is a Waterslide Decal?

A waterslide decal, sometimes called a slip decal, is a decal printed on a dextrose residue that provides a superior bond between the decal and the desired surface. Ceramic waterslide decals are printed using a ceramic overglaze color, flux, and overcoat for specific application onto ceramic products. These decals offer superior image quality due to their printing process and are extremely thin, creating a seamless final product. Waterslide decals can be applied to a variety of ceramic products, ranging from mugs, platters, and other dishware to ceramic tiles and sculptures.

Uses for Waterslide Decals

Custom decals have a wide variety of uses. Variations of waterslide decals have been used for the better part of a century in the creation of custom markings for scale models. Today, waterslide decals are a popular and attention-grabbing way to customize all types of materials, including ceramics. Waterslide decals can contain art, text, or both, allowing you to completely customize the look of your decal. These decals are completely non-toxic, making them safe for any application, including dishware, mugs, and glasses that are used on a daily basis.

Would you like to learn more about how Sun Styles Tile can help you create the perfect customized ceramic waterslide decal for your home or business needs? Contact us today by calling 520-505-TILE (8453) to discuss your decal production with one of our experienced staff. You can find more information about our wide range of custom tile craft products on our website.