Ceramic Decal

Create Custom Decals for your own Glazed ware: hand-thrown Mugs & Platters and Sculptures, et cetera. We recommend designing your decal sheet with Adobe Photoshop or similar software. ** We do not accept Word Processing Files (MS Word, Lotus WordPro, etc.) Decal Sheets have a printable area of 8 in. x 10.5 in Arrange as many of your images and […]

Easel Back

Add an easel back and transform any of our tiles into a tabletop treasure. Decorate your table, shelf, desk or mantelpiece with your most cherished images – offered in various sizes!

5 1/2″ Tile Hanger

Strong enough to hang our largest tiles! EASY TO USE: First clean the tile, (even if the tile is new, as surface contamination may inhibit adhesion). Wet the adhesive side of the disc and slowly agitate with your finger to activate the glue. When the glue becomes “tacky” apply the disc to the back of the […]

Wooden Frame

Wood Tile Frames are perfect for displaying your tile artwork elegantly and inexpensively. No matter what your budget or taste, Sun Styles offers incredible design opportunities with Wood Tile Frames. Offered in various sizes!