Frames, Hangers, Accessories and More!

Here are some Accessories to complete your Tile project: Frames, Hangers, Easel Backs
Also: Instructions to Order your own Custom Decals to create personalized fired Glaze Ware


Ceramic Decal

Create Decals from your own Images, Art or Text  to customize Glazed ware: hand-thrown Mugs, Platters, Sculptures, et cetera.
 For Information on Requirements, Setup & Application, please refer to our FAQ page, DECALS Section
$30 | 8" x 10.5"

Create your Water Slide Decal Sheet using Photographs, Text, Drawings, Company Logos – to be fired by you!

Wooden Frame

Wood Tile Frames are perfect for displaying your tile artwork elegantly and inexpensively. No matter what your budget or taste, Sun Styles offers incredible design opportunities with Wood Tile Frames. Offered in various sizes!

A great way to finish off your photo tiles!

5 1/2" Tile Hanger

Our Tile Hanger is strong enough to hang our largest tiles!
Can be trimmed to fit our smallest.
Allows Tiles to hang flat against your wall.

For Installation Instructions, please go to our FAQ Page >TILE FAQ’s

$5 | 5.5"

Quickly hang any picture safely and securely!

Easel Back

Add an easel back and transform any of our tiles into a tabletop treasure. Decorate your table, shelf, desk or mantelpiece with your most cherished images – offered in various sizes!

Just add this to your order and we will install for you!