Pet Memorials

Humane Society Tile
Humane Society Tile – these tiles and plaques are great for outdoor installations

Losing a pet can be just as devastating as the death of a human family member or friend. People that are close to their pets often experience the same severity of grief, anger, denial, guilt and depression when they pass as those that lose human loved ones. It can be just as important to keep memories fresh of these special life companions.

Owners are often soothed and comforted during pet deaths in the same manner as those who lose people, by creating pet memorials. Regardless of whether you choose to erect custom pet memorials in your back yard, at a pet cemetery, or simply in a special location that your favorite pet enjoyed, they can both honor your furry, feathered or scaled loved one and provide a long-lasting tribute to their joyful lives.

Pet memorials can help to ease the pain of loss by providing cheerful images captured during their times here. Ceramic or tiled structures containing their images provide years of service dedicated to the memories of favorite pets. They bring healing, joy and special thoughts each time they are viewed, keeping the memory of your special companion alive and well. Family and friends can also enjoy the lasting images of pets immortalized in pet memorials.

If you have recently lost a pet that you were extremely fond of, or want to create custom pet memorials for those that passed years ago, Sun Styles Tile can provide you with what you need. We offer several tile sizes and photo services that will ensure your favorite pet is remembered at its best. Our ceramic pet memorials last a lifetime and can be included in tiled structures or displayed at a site or in a room for all to see and appreciate. Place your order today or contact us for additional information.

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