Reasons to Use Tile for your Restaurant Signage

iStock_000003570847XSmallNo matter how modern and upscale a restaurant looks, the entire design concept can be thrown off by the use of cheap vinyl interior signage. Many contractors and restaurateurs barely give a second thought to the signage they use to mark bathrooms, or the payment options they accept, but considering tile for your restaurant signage not only improves the appearance of your restaurant, but can you save you serious money and time.

Why Tile is Better than Vinyl- In Every Way

The most obvious advantage to tile signage is the ease of cleaning it. Although vinyl is a standard in most restaurants, many common cleansers actually damage the signs over time. Sun Styles’ kiln-fired tile can not only be cleaned with any cleanser, it will last for decades without fading. In addition, if someone decides to draw on it with permanent marker, it can easily be cleaned off. If the tile is incorporated into the wall itself, it makes it very hard to chip or crack, meaning that it will last as long as your restaurant does.

Be Creative With Your Signage

You can probably picture the usual vinyl restaurant bathroom sign- it’s grey, unappealing, and probably covered with scratches or graffiti. The very best thing about a tile sign is your ability to customize to your exact specifications. Why use a sign that wasn’t made for your restaurant? Sun Styles can take any photo or design and fire it onto a long-lasting tile sign that will attract the eye and serve a valuable function in your restaurant.

At Sun Styles Tile Craft, we make it easy to put any kind of picture onto a ceramic tile. We specialize in creating personalized kiln-fired art that can serve valuable functions as well. Whether you’re a contractor looking for a durable signage solution for a restaurant or residential development, or just a homeowner looking to remodel, we can help. To learn more about our products and services, visit us online or call (520) 505-TILE (8453).