Return Policy



Sun Styles will always make your products with the greatest attention and care.

You will be offered a Refund or a free Re-Print if the error in your Product was the fault of Sun Styles.


There are some situations that Sun Styles can’t control.

Sun Styles is not responsible for the following:


*Poor print quality resulting from low-resolution or poor quality images.

*Spelling, punctuation, or accuracy errors in text on image.

*Errors in user-customizable features, such as choice of product, cropping, size and formatting.


If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact Sun Styles so we can investigate.

Even if it turns out not to be our error, we will work with you to correct the issue.


Please Note, Our Production Process Follows These Steps:


Step 1: Place your Order

Step 2: Upload your Art – State whether you will need to see a Proof for your product

Step 3: We will review your art – we will provide a Proof to you, if you requested one

Step 4: If you requested a Proof, you will send an eMail stating your Approval or Changes

Step 5: Once we have received your Proof Approval we will proceed to Production

(or if no Proof was requested, we will proceed directly to Production)

Step 6: We will Ship your Product to the address you provided.


A full refund can be issued after receiving an eMail notification of your Request to Cancel at Step 2

A refund of the cost of your Product minus any art fees can be issued at Step 4

Once we have received your Proof Approval, no Refunds will be issued (Steps 5 & 6)


If your package is damaged in transit, please contact the carrier immediately to initiate the Claim process.