Tile Murals

5′ x 2′ Custom Shower Mural for a NY client!

Sun Styles will digitally reproduce your photographs  and art  on ceramic tile, fired at a temperature exceeding 1500 degrees (F).
The colors are fired in permanently, giving you colorful original ceramic tile murals which last a lifetime.

Our tiles withstand heat and moisture (in kitchens and bathrooms), and weathering outdoors (extreme heat and cold).
Our murals are made by reproducing your digital file across several tiles, and then assembling the tiles, like pieces of a puzzle, to form a large image.
Depending on the area you have available and the effect you are attempting to achieve, we can create your tile mural on 4.25”, 6”, 8” or 12” tiles.
They are shipped to you ready to be incorporated into a field tile installation, or if you prefer, you can mount your mural in a wood or metal frame which can be removed and taken with you wherever you go.


18 x 24 inch mural created with 6″ tiles

Our tile murals can be used as unique and colorful accents for:
· Kitchen backsplashes
· Bathroom walls
· Fireplace tops and faces
· Table tops
· Fountain wall backgrounds
· In & Around Swimming Pools, and Koi Ponds
· Wall niches – indoor & out
· House entrance wall decor and address numbers

Create a Photographic Family Tree, Vacation Memory, or Business Signage


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