Tips on Incorporating Your Custom Tile Craft Into Your Home’s Decor

DSCF9068Ceramic tiles are both durable and beautiful, offering a long-lasting and unique decorative element for any home. There are many ways to incorporate custom tile craft into your décor on both a large and small scale. Keep reading to find inspiration that can help you work custom tile art into your home’s unique style.


Murals and mosaics have been used since ancient times as a decorative statement in homes and other buildings. You can use custom tiles to create a mural anywhere in your home, including floors, walls, bars, patios, and bathrooms. Tiles are also a popular decorative element in the kitchen, where they can be used to create appealing images and patterns as backsplashes. Murals and mosaics can be composed of individually-designed tiles that simply create a repeating pattern, or form a complete picture as each tile contributes to the larger whole. Your mural can reflect any style of art and décor you like, ranging from classical to completely modern and abstract.


Fountains and other water features are popular elements in many homes. Consider using custom tiles as a colorful backdrop for your fountain, or create a patterned basin that really draws the eye. Choose colors that complement the palette of your patio or entryway to tie your fountain in with the rest of your existing décor.


Whether your home incorporates an indoor or outdoor fireplace, a hearth is also the perfect place to use custom tiles to create a personalized and elegant look. Tiles can form either the entire hearth or simply add pops of color and pattern using strategic placement. The style of tile you use can be tailored to fit your home’s décor, whether your home is classical, modern, vintage, or eclectic.

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