Veteran Memorials

Our tile memorials can adorn headstones and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Veterans are special people in that they have answered the call of duty to protect our way of life, often paying the ultimate price… that of their lives. Their sacrifice during their lifetime is therefore appropriately displayed at the time of their death through veteran memorials. Not only are such sites of honor created on a national and state scale, but they are often part of the family’s lives from whom they were taken.

Military comrades also tend to erect veteran memorials for those with whom they served. This is especially true of those who experience combat situations together where the harsh conditions, extreme danger and whole-hearted trust of watching each other’s back meld them together as tight as, if not tighter than, family. Whether veterans lose their lives during wartime conflicts, during periods of service, or after they have fulfilled their commitments, it is an appropriate act to honor their lives of service through veteran memorial tiles.

Establishing personalized veteran memorials is a way for families, friends and military comrades to honor those lost as well as keep their memories and records of service alive through the years. Favorite photos and loving messages can be placed on veteran memorial tiles which can then be added to memorial structures, added into family memorial walls, or displayed in special areas of the home.

Veteran memorial tiles are a great way to keep the memories of loved ones that served in the armed forces alive as well as honor their commitment and courage of service. Not only do veteran memorials provide comfort for family, friends and military comrades, but they present a part of the fallen person for following generations to touch and respect.

It was an honor to memorialize my father in this lasting and permanent way.
It was an honor to memorialize my father in this lasting and permanent way.

We at Sun Styles Tile honor and respect our veterans and we would be pleased to help memorialize your heroes through beautiful veteran memorial tiles. Check out our tile sizes and special photographic services offered here. More information on the process of creating long-lasting ceramic tiles for veteran memorials can be obtained by contacting us. Veterans have sacrificed large portions of their lives to keep us safe and free. It is well worth the time and effort to keep their memories of service alive through beautiful and thoughtful veteran memorial tiles from Sun Styles Tile.


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